Session D-Storytelling/Story-asking and Teaching Languages with Comprehensible Input. From Research to Practice.

Story-asking and story-telling are powerful second language teaching techniques that are based on the importance of teaching language through Comprehensible Input.  Research in second language acquisition has shown that language is acquired through compelling, personalized, contextualized and comprehensible aural input.  Teaching with comprehensible input allows us to conduct our class almost entirely in the target language from day one, basing our lessons on student interest, while  maintaining an enjoyable and stress-free environment. Participants will see how the storytelling process works in the language classroom. They will be exposed to more than one Comprehensible Input technique that they can easily apply in their classrooms. Stories are the unifying thread of our new curriculum. Through stories we build a stronger community and make more connections that help us take our learning a step further.

This is a PSA (BCATML) workshop.

Target audience: K-12, TTOC

Core French ELL French Immersion K-12 TTOC
Location: TBC Date: March 3, 2018 Time: 1:45 pm - 3:15 pm Adriana Ramirez and Michelle Metcalf